Creepy and under my skin.

I’m all for new inventions.  And I know how debilitating conditions like diabetes can be.  Still, the idea of a dime-sized device under my skin freaks me out, especially when that device is in control of monitoring my health.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned or simply unrealistic.  After all, the kind of patient care required for lifelong illnesses must be truly demanding.  The kind of self-monitoring that goes on with certain conditions must be tedious.  I support the right of anyone to live a healthy, happy life.  But part of this whole monitoring idea is about relinquishing control.  Sure, the implanted sensors could give a more accurate reading of your body’s function than any person not hooked up to a machine.  But the idea of that same quick, accurate reading being used to inject me with certain substances is downright frightening.

Maybe it’s all too much movies.  The weird and wired plug-ins in the Matrix also were creepy for me to watch, even though they weren’t real.  I guess it’s just one more step towards the computers taking over, and to be frank, I’m not quite read for that one.


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