To Geek or Not to Geek?

I was recently complimented on my geekiness.  I think the exact words were something along the lines of ‘you’re so cute with your little bands and kind of geeky, but not, and a little sci fi, but not…’  And I was very pleased at the compliment.  There’ s something about being geeky that is so much more delicate and polished than nerdiness, though I’m probably pretty nerdy too.

But I can understand geekiness or nerdiness as an entire self image can be unsettling.  I consider myself attractive, funny, witty, and genuinely nice, in addition to my smarts.  If I wasn’t those things as well, I might not be quite as open to being called a geek.  But still, a certain passion for mental exercise i think should be encouraged.

At MIT in particular, I think encouragement is the name of the game.  If you wanted something distinctly ungeeky, you would’ve gone someplace else.  It’s all about giving students a school they can identify with.  In a world of increasing interconnectedness, why not hang on to what makes you distinct?


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