Accidental Hijacking.

Ok, I may be a klutz and there may be times when I don’t know what I’m doing.  There may be times when my impulses are not good ones.  Heck, there are even times when I pull ridiculous stunts that were ill advised.  Thankfully though,  I still do have some limits.  I can honestly say I’ve never gotten drunk and tried to hijack an airplane.

There is something to be said for the continual development of the human race.  We can now grow ‘ghost hearts‘ which may someday mean transplants for those who need them.  The widespread availability of information via the interweb may actually be improving our smarts.  And yet feelosophy, as Tatyana Tolstaya would have it, is basically dead.  We are all of us sometimes foolish.  Most of us don’t even realize our lack of wisdom, and few, if any of us, are actively pursuing it in the modern world.  Have we actually gained anything then?

I would like to think that as life becomes easier for some of us that we would learn.  I would like to think that more time would give us the clarity to realize what we should value.  My life is full of many things, and I know it has value and impact and worth.  but at the same time, I know that all of these ‘things’ are not enough.  The best I can hope for is not to grow complacent enough to give up the search.


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