Tap your right toe to the ground for five seconds…wait for the beep.

Here’s a nice little review of  some new shoe innovations going on here in MA.  Take a read.  While New Balance’s smash lab I thought was pretty cool to hear about, the whole Verb For Shoe thing was a little more curiosity-rousing.  Sure, telling your computer how you walk funny might be useful.  ANd knowing what parts of your shoe are wearing out is useful, but something that could be put to better use on say, a spaceship or submarine, where your life depends on the integrity of the parts.

That fol-der-ol aside, the contact exchange system is hilariously brilliant.  At first I was contemplating the idea of being able to subtly check out some guy on the T, noting his shoes, and then grabbing his contact information on the sly.  Of course, then there’s a correlary of a scary old guy getting yours.  But after checking out the website, I wa a little more reassured.  For privacy reasons, there has to be user prompted interface on both sides.  The ‘dance’ that prompts this interface, however, is hilarious.  If you go to the website, look under ‘tech’, then ‘share’, then ‘click to learn more’.  The resulting video just flattens me.  Be sure you have your volume up.

Lead liners

A recent study has shown that cell phone use can affect sperm quality.  Specifically, a cell phone close to a sperm sample causes that sample to have significantly more free radicals and oxidants in it, which have been shown to decrease viability in sperm.  The test group was small, and it’s unclear whether flesh and bone (or pants pocket lining, for that matter) would protect the spermies enough to keep them basically as healthy as cell phone free sperm.  But that’s a test for another day.

But the idea seems logical.  It’s like ‘The Dip’ from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.  If you mix enough random chemicals together, it kills even imagination.  Likewise, too much technology is bad for the sex drive.  It will zap you with its freaky-rays and cause impotence or mutants.  I guess though that mutant children could be useful.  Still, not sure I want to encourage freak show behavior if I can avoid it.  And the whole mutant thing is not even remotely scientifically proven.

There are alternatives.  One would be putting a cell phone in a shirt pocket (of course, then it’s right next to your heart…)  You could use your cell phone less (ridiculous, I know, but it is humanly possible).  Or, there’s always adoption.

Otherwise, just line your Jockeys with lead.  You should be fine.