Virtual sticking (to the top).

Some of you may have noticed that my roommate page was the first post of my blog for awhile.  Or, at least, Alex noticed, so that’s ‘one of you’.  Anyway, it’s all part of one of these little new WordPress features called ‘Sticky Posts‘.  Basically, you can ‘stick’ any post that you’re a particular fan of or that becomes particularly timely tot he front page of your blog.  While the feature itself is cool, I am a bit unsure of the name.  What kind of glue or post-it sticks only to the front of something?  What kind of ‘sticky’ thing knows enough to return itself tot eh beginning each time new content is added to the front?  Still a cool feature though.

To illustrate how the whole thing works, I’m sticking this post.  I will also stick a random post from the way-past that I like, which should fall immediately below this one.  Read on!