Drilling down to the good stuff.

It’s been proven time and again – socially conscious products and services are officially a viable niche market.  Whether based on environmental impact or hunger or the disparity of wealth resources, people will pay for the feel-good of buying along ethical lines.  perhaps it’s no surprise then that eBay is launching a new site, worldofgood.com, that will host only those products and services.  In addition, the items listed on the new website will be integrated regular eBay searches, making the products accessible to a wider audience while still providing a venue where they can be more easily found.

What is more valuable to me is the amount of information available on the site.  Every vendor, producer, or product is reviewed by a range of outside organizations, each of which present thier own information regarding the the vendor, producer, or product.  For example, a purse that I took a look at was certified by IFAT, which is a group of global fair trade organizations, and Co-op America, which is an initiative that promotes an economic system that is good for both people and the environment.  So the producer of my particular purse met the standards in place for both organizations.  In addition, the vendors list thier own positive impacts in a separate statement.  this allows a vendor both to promote the positive aspects of their product.  Since the statements are pre-defined by worldofgood, it allows easy comparison between products.

True, if you really want to get the scoop on what each product does not provide, you’re going to have to look to outside sources and do your own research.  But this is definitiely a start.  Hopefully user feedback and ratings will soon be incorporated (just like on the main eBay site) to allow a little more word of mouth to fill in the gaps as far as specific product is concerned.

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