It’s the boredom/frustration days at work like today that make me realize I’m not a poet.  Yes, it’s true, mad frustration wiht others not getting things done fast enough has me composing crappy poetry.  WHy?  Because I’m bored.  But not just bored like normal-bored.  Bored like I know in a few hours or tomorrow I’m going to be in major frantic stress to get things done after people turn them in to me.  So the only way to get through the day is to distract myself with a mini brain challenge.

Today I chose poetry, and rediscovered again why sonnets are typically corny.  They suck to write without falling into the trap of melodrama.  So, I will post the poem I wrote (below, in another post).  But, take it with a large grain of salt.  And possibly some butter for the corn…

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