Popcuts? Why not.

I am a music imbecile.  As a young person already worried about descending into her thirties, that’s something of a challenge to admit, but it’s also honest.  I typically just don’t have the spare brainpower to focus on the music scene.  I forget the names of artists and songs, lyrics fly out of my head, and about the only thing I can say about my personal music preference is whether or not I enjoy a song while it’s playing.  Other than that, I am at least proud to be uncategorizable.

As this is the case, I occasionally allow myself to be bombarded with my friend’s music tastes.  This allows me to experience new artists that I would never otherwise discover (Suphala and Regina Spektor have both been good ones), and exposes me to new ways to listen to music (like Pandora).  In fact, I am enough behind in the trend-setting that I even allow CNN to provide me with new musical outlets.

Which brings us to the main focus of this blog ramble – Popcuts.  This is a place where even a bum like me can be a music snob.  It’s a way to dig into new music and something of an investment in that music.  The way it works is that the early purchasers of a specific song get a cut of later purchasers of that song.  Of course it means that those later purchasers end up with the short end of the stick in the sense that they get less out of their purchase.  But everyone still gets the song.  Sure, you could potentially get that same song from a friend for free.  But this system incentivises both the exploration of new music (ie, buying a new song first) and legitimate purchasing (ie, not just giving it away to your friends if you are one of those early purchasers).

While I haven’t actually tried it out myself (yet), it does make me want to say ‘bravo’ for a job well done.  This is the kind of company people need to set up to deal with the realities of modern media and how to capitalize both on its accessibility and changeability.