The Ouzel is Out

Ok, I’m on my way home for a week (Woohoo!)  Postings, if there are any, will be few and far between.  Go back into the records and have yourself a little bloggo dive instead.

I now love Squatch Detective.

When you’re a kid, you’re taught to trust police officers.  Those people in blue are supposed to protect you, help find your parents if your lost, and be a force for good in the universe.  Some children learn faster than others that a police officer, just like any other human, makes mistakes, tells lies, and sometimes does bad things to get what they want.   What remains to be seen is whether or not the potential Bigfoot discovery is one of these – a mistake, a lie, or an attempt to manipulate for advantage.

While it is true that science every day makes new discoveries and that the world around us is little-known, there are many things that we do know.  We know how much we have changed the world around us.  We know how much we have already discovered.  We know how the world continues to surprise us.  We know how isolated we can be, and how connected.  So, would it be possible for a 7-foot-plus ape man to wander free with only a few unconfirmed sitings to mark his existence?

Yes.  I think it is possible.  Especially taking into consideration that an ape-man would have to have pretty high intelligence and would therefore be able to hide himself well.  Do i think it is likely?  No, I don’t.

I would like to believe in all the wonder the world still has to offer.  I would like to always believe that there are miraculous discoveries waiting just around every corner.  I would like to preserve the part of myself that delights in the world.  I admire people would pursue the impossible or the ridiculous.  The idea of a show with a name like ‘Squatch Detective’, so obviously fanciful and therefore fun, appeals to me.  At the same time, I suffer from a heavy dose of realistic disposition.  If I see something amazing, I want it to be truth and not mirage.  I revel in the story of how something came to be as well as that thing’s existence, and that story is based on some pattern of fact, linked causes and effects chained across time.  I want to see that pattern – it is beautiful as well.  But something about the existence of a Sasquatch seems to be missing a few links.

So I remain skeptical, but optimistic.  If I am wrong, that I will behold a miraculous new piece of the world.  If I am right, it does not mean I would encourage others not to seek out the possible existence of this creature.  That search in itself has value, as does the delight in something not (yet?) proven to exist.

The computer industry: ‘They really need something right now’.

A new technology (developed at the Oven Glove)  that uses block copolymers anchored by more traditional lithographic microchip methods of production to create even more powerful chips could be tested and ready within the next two years.  It’s an interesting study.  Because of our knowledge of the way molecules and structures of a very small nature work, we can apply the natural arrangement and make it do what we want.  It’s like cultivation, on a micro level.  I wonder if the same sorts of domestication trends could happen with molecules after long-term interaction with humans, and what that interaction might look like in a non-living substance?  Would a change be effected through attempting to create some of the more rare molecular structures out there?

Even more interesting was the comment about the industry of magnetic media, and how they could really use some new innovation right about now.  I mean, I understand progress, and I would also like to move forward and have faster and better machines.  but I didn’t realize we were in such dire straights with computers.  Is it because the rate of hardware development is slowing?  Is it because the public is used to an increasing rate of change?  I guess I just wasn’t aware there was anything worrisome about where we are righ now.  Explanations, anyone?