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One of my less-than-favorite boring tasks at work is printing a variety of business-type articles for my boss.  Occasionally however these articles are interesting to me as well – I usually at least skim them.  And sometimes they yield surprising and unexpected results.

The ‘surprising result’ for me today was the discovery of a new show, ‘Money and politics with Peter Cook’.  It’s only on Bloomberg television (which i didn’t even realize existed until today), so some of you may be just out of luck and never get to see Mr. Cook perform.  I probably never will, but that has less to do with him and more to do with my lack of interest in politics and my as – limited – as – possible – and – still – surviving – modern – life interest (or lack thereof) in money.

What really gets me about Peter is his hair.  Let’s take a look, shall we?  This is Ken (er, Peter) in the ad proclaiming his show:

Ok, this is a little small, but you can see clearly all the key hair features.  Slightly bushy eyebrows, ‘The Wave’ sculpted look, lots of gel and possibly thinning hair.

Now let’s take a look at some other photos of the same style:

Ok, here the hair is slightly longer, and without the signature wave.  Obviously it’s a younger look, but still with that plasticy sprayed-on gel-heavy look.  The eyebrows here are more bushy too, but somehow that seems to go with the lankier hair.

Let’s check out the 1980s version of the ‘do:

Again here the hair seems to be a little thicker, but we get a clear sense of what ‘The Wave’ looks like on a a younger man.  Still not all that appealing.  In fact, I think this particular version of that style gives the guy the appearance of having an enlarged head.  Looks better on Peter.

My dentist’s last name is also Cook.  I wonder if he’s related to Peter?  Probably not, because he doesn’t have Ken-doll hair.  And that kind of shape isn’t really a choice – it’s just something your born with.  I know – my own Gene Wilder mane sometimes escapes my control – I occasionally long for the rigidity of plastic-head.  Just not today.


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