Discovery Channel to bring TV glamour to product prototyping | Geek Gestalt – by Daniel Terdiman – CNET

Ok, so not only am I completely excited excited for this new show, but I’m also trying out this new brief ‘press this’ button that WordPress is doing.  Super-quick summary in place of a whole post, here I come!  WHich could potentially mena more totally fun things for all of you…

Discovery Channel to bring TV glamour to product prototyping | Geek Gestalt – by Daniel Terdiman – CNET

My only remaining question is when do I get to start testing the superhero products?

Ok, one other question – once past prototype, will this show actually do something with its collnesses that (hopefully) work out?

Which is more cool?

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I was totally skimming CNN today for something awesome to blog about, and I came across not one, but TWO (Count ’em) TWO awesome news events.

The first involves the government and the past, both things that could be potentially interesting but most often are not.  OSS records are being released to the public, including specific instances of when and how people became involved and what their missions might have been.  That’s how we know Julia Child was a spy.  That’s right, she was cookin’ up some information retrieval on the sly at the same time she was telling you how to make fancy-pants dishes.  How cool is that?  I want to be a household name AND totally lead a second covert lifestyle.  It’s superhero stuff, or at least the stuff of legend.

The second is the winner of this year’s Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest.  Mr. Bulwer-Lytton wa the one who started his wonder-work ‘It was a dark and stormy night.’  The contest is all about the ridiculousness of bad fiction, and is judged on the badness of the first line of an imaginary novel.  Of course, bad beginnings are a dime a dozen, but to create something really deliberately horrible takes both skill and guts.  You could be marked for badness the rest of your life after something like that.  You can view a few of the really good ones here.  I, for one, am amused and potentially slightly disturbed.

So yeah, I request votes for which is cooler.  Post your vote.

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One of my less-than-favorite boring tasks at work is printing a variety of business-type articles for my boss.  Occasionally however these articles are interesting to me as well – I usually at least skim them.  And sometimes they yield surprising and unexpected results.

The ‘surprising result’ for me today was the discovery of a new show, ‘Money and politics with Peter Cook’.  It’s only on Bloomberg television (which i didn’t even realize existed until today), so some of you may be just out of luck and never get to see Mr. Cook perform.  I probably never will, but that has less to do with him and more to do with my lack of interest in politics and my as – limited – as – possible – and – still – surviving – modern – life interest (or lack thereof) in money.

What really gets me about Peter is his hair.  Let’s take a look, shall we?  This is Ken (er, Peter) in the ad proclaiming his show:

Ok, this is a little small, but you can see clearly all the key hair features.  Slightly bushy eyebrows, ‘The Wave’ sculpted look, lots of gel and possibly thinning hair.

Now let’s take a look at some other photos of the same style:

Ok, here the hair is slightly longer, and without the signature wave.  Obviously it’s a younger look, but still with that plasticy sprayed-on gel-heavy look.  The eyebrows here are more bushy too, but somehow that seems to go with the lankier hair.

Let’s check out the 1980s version of the ‘do:

Again here the hair seems to be a little thicker, but we get a clear sense of what ‘The Wave’ looks like on a a younger man.  Still not all that appealing.  In fact, I think this particular version of that style gives the guy the appearance of having an enlarged head.  Looks better on Peter.

My dentist’s last name is also Cook.  I wonder if he’s related to Peter?  Probably not, because he doesn’t have Ken-doll hair.  And that kind of shape isn’t really a choice – it’s just something your born with.  I know – my own Gene Wilder mane sometimes escapes my control – I occasionally long for the rigidity of plastic-head.  Just not today.