No. 2

I am, and will always be, a klutzy dork.  Some people might say I am unique, or special, or brazenly honest when I spit words out without thinking or charming when I stumble around making a fool of myself.  And thought all these words are well-meant, they don’t change the fact that i am somewhat self-conscious about my dorkishness.  So when I saw this article online, I knew I had to check it out for potential tips.  More fast on my feet will certainly lead to less embarassing social situations.  Hooray!

I scrolled through quickly, ignoring the explanatory beginning and getting straight to the meat of the article.  The ‘yes, and’ technique and the making everyone else look good both seemed like things I could accomplish.  Sure, my typical ‘and’ was usually a rambling unrelated story, but that’s beside the point.  It’s something I already do that I could modify into a more normal-person tone.  Same thing for the making others look good.  Usually I do that by making a fool of myself, but I could modify it to something more normal, like actual praise or wanting to hear people’s opinions and stuff.  But the second tip was especially pertinent to me: go with your gut.  Basically the idea is to blurt out whatever your original impulses tell you.  hey, I definitely already do that all the time.  I’m the best thinker-on-my feeter there is!  Or maybe I’m taking this idea too far…

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