The ultimate freaky.

Ok, my last post was basically about me being a freak.  But there are people out there who are more freaky than me.  Most of the ones I’ve found I love and have total respect for.  Most of them are incredibly intelligent, kind, and ballsy (just like me).  I have recently found that a few of them also have an odd relationship to Skittles.

It all started when I watched this new spot for skittles:

While this ad does slightly creep me out, it’s creepy in a good way.  Feet don’t generally disturb me.  Skittles on feet don’t even disturb me.  Eating Skittles off someone’s feet – well, I guess I’d just have to be really, really good friends with someone to do that.  I mean, really close, like licking-someone-else’s-foot close.  And that’s close.  Maybe I’m just a lickee, not a licker.  Or maybe I’d just really really like Skittles.

However, while watching this ad at work, Cathy came over and had her own comments about Skittles.  I love Cathy, she’s awesome.  She’s also one of those who really likes Skittles on occasion.  The occasion she specifically chose to mention today at my desk was as follows: “I like it when I’m in the mood for a tart tongue bleeding.”  Now, I’m all for that super-tart almost unbearable taste myself on occasion, but the whole tongue bleeding thing threw me.  I must’ve looked at her funny, because she tried to explain that the skittles and sweet tarts cut her tongue when she ate them.  And I can get that.  Sometimes candy is sharp.  I’m just not one to go around cutting my tongue just for that tart taste.  In fact, i find that a little disturbing too.  But I still give her major props 1) for being just as awesome as that Skittles ad creator and 2) for being unafraid to share her intense Skittles love with me, her pal.

My life could certainly be worse.  I could just be stalked by Skittles-hungry denizens of the city, all of them hungry for my feet.

No. 2

I am, and will always be, a klutzy dork.  Some people might say I am unique, or special, or brazenly honest when I spit words out without thinking or charming when I stumble around making a fool of myself.  And thought all these words are well-meant, they don’t change the fact that i am somewhat self-conscious about my dorkishness.  So when I saw this article online, I knew I had to check it out for potential tips.  More fast on my feet will certainly lead to less embarassing social situations.  Hooray!

I scrolled through quickly, ignoring the explanatory beginning and getting straight to the meat of the article.  The ‘yes, and’ technique and the making everyone else look good both seemed like things I could accomplish.  Sure, my typical ‘and’ was usually a rambling unrelated story, but that’s beside the point.  It’s something I already do that I could modify into a more normal-person tone.  Same thing for the making others look good.  Usually I do that by making a fool of myself, but I could modify it to something more normal, like actual praise or wanting to hear people’s opinions and stuff.  But the second tip was especially pertinent to me: go with your gut.  Basically the idea is to blurt out whatever your original impulses tell you.  hey, I definitely already do that all the time.  I’m the best thinker-on-my feeter there is!  Or maybe I’m taking this idea too far…

My first Kindle experience.

Today while on the bus, i had my first in-person experience with a Kindle.  An old guy with glasses was holding one about two inches from his face, and I leaned forward in my seat eagerly to see how he interacted with it.  Was it truly easy to navigate?  How did the weird screen impact his already damaged eyes?  As an old man, was all this newfangled goodness too much for him?

I have to get the obvious and disturbing portion of my observations out of the way first.  Within the first five seconds, he picked his nose.  And I’m not talking about a subtle scratching that starts on the outside and moves inwards, or even the quick pick.  I’m talking about the possibly brain-damaging deep in there picking that I could barely look away from.  i had to do a double, then a triple take.  Was he still picking?  Yep.  What about now?  Still digging around in there.  It was intense.

The man himself was obviously a little disturbed, even in his  reading habits.  Watching him turn pages, it was difficult to ascertain if he was a really fast reader or a really slow skimmer.  Perhaps the tech WAS too much for him.  Maybe he couldn’t navigate properly and was unable to find what he was looking for, buttoning through pages and pages of files on a never-ceasing quest.  Or maybe he just gets bored with text easily.

My only real observation of the Kindle itself had to do with the page changes.  There is an odd inversion of color before the page change, reversing the image of the old page.  Is this necessary, some sort of imaging reset for the paper?  Or is it a user choice, selected by this old man for some unknown reason?  I should probably read reviews or something to find out, but I guess I’ll wait until I’m desperate enough to get me one.  After all, it’s heavy carrying ten hardbacks around on vacation.