More Boss Awesome.

In the past, I’ve chronicled several instances of my boss and his awesome powers of boss-ness.  Today (a rainy, cloudy, miserable Monday of a day), he has, through several feats, proven his awesome once again.  Let’s look a the evidence, shall we?

First off, I was a little late this morning, mostly due to having a late Sunday night.  So, when I arrived at work, a little late, a little frazzled, looking sleep-deprived and quite likely with mussy hair, my boss knew exactly how to respond.  He exclaimed “Hey, you’re alive!”.  Thanks.  Glad to know I don’t look like total death.

Then there was the ongoing saga of his computer, which is more broke than homeless Abe Lincoln.  Dell has been here three times trying to replace the motherboard – all replacement parts are defunct.  Our poor IT department is secretly crying in darkened offices, trying to overcome the shame.  But my boss takes it all in stride, still smiles and jokes, and occasionally steals my computer from me so he can get actual work done.  Again, he had the perfect response to the situation.  When I told him there was a whole herd of Dell techs in his office trying to figure things out (much like a pack of monkeys.  A barrel of monkeys?), he asked if he should get out his stick and beat them.

Ok, probably some of that is not the most politically correct, but it makes my work life interesting.  And if my boss can’t at least keep me on my toes, what hope is there for the future job market?