How YOU can save the world.

I’m a big-time supporter of B movies.  I also enjoy the occasional science fiction flick or novel.  Put them together, and you basically have the Sci Fi channel.  Any group that can put out a show like Firefly and still have room for preserving what’s good and gets tossed from the local networks.  But then, they go and organize something like this, and I’m completely flabbergasted.  Wait, what?  Science fiction still related to SCIENCE?  And with a moral outlook for actually making things BETTER?  I feel like I should be back in the 50s.  Or maybe at the Oven Mitt – oh wait, I am.

It is initiatives like this that redeem my faith in humanity.  So what if we happen to be a large corporation, an investment bank, or a small mom-and-pop retail store – we can still do great things.  The world should be a place filled with wonder and potential, not despair.  Even if we are disillusioned about many things, or battered by life, we all have a right to those occasional moments of hope and surprising and recognizable potential for our own future lives.


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