The Codex Sinaiticus

Technology is cool. History is cool. Old and rare books are cool. Really really old historically significant books that get put online are supa-cool.  Add a name like Sinai onto that, and you have just about the coolest thing I can think of.

I’m a big fan of reading.  I love libraries and other institutions that provide books for free.  All the electronic programs like Google Books I think are pretty amazing.  I want access to as much ‘printed’ material as possible, and the growth of that access excites me.  But what is more powerful in this particular case is the book itself.  Looking at these pages in the original Greek is a window into a bygone age.  It’s like looking at a Mayan codex, or hieratic writing on a sheet of papyrus.  It may be unintelligible to the casual reader, but there’s still an attraction there.  And even though I’d have to travel to four different places to actually see the book with my own eyes and actually touch it like I’d want, online imaging is the next best thing.  The eye can carry some of the power of the text, preserved and unchanged, over centuries.


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