Yesterday was a dark day.  I don’t mean a depressing or upsetting day – I mean physically dark.  The clouds got so heavy in the early evening that it was almost black outside when I left work.  The air was heavy and oppressive, the rain alternating between a cloying mist and heavy droplets.  Sure, there was lightning and thunder as well, and that’s always exciting.  But mostly, it was just dark.

Today started off just about the same – a gray morning, plenty of rain hanging over my head.  But something shifted.  The clouds are still pretty heavy, but the sun is just blasting right through anyway.  The rain is still falling pretty hard, but it’s beautiful – a million tiny shards of glowing refraction.  Everything glistens with wet, but it is the refreshing wet of spring and summer, rather than the cold and dismal rain of fall.

It makes me want to run outside, throw my head back, and scan the sky for rainbows, though I’m not sure why.  Is it is my desire to say ‘ooooh, pretty!’ and mean it?  Is it some hunger for renewed vibrancy and color in a world that was earlier bleak and gray?  Is it hope?  Is it enjoyment of the sunshine, in all its forms?  Regardless, the color and the light still fill me in a way an ordinary day of sunshine won’t.


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