Woo you, woo me.

However facebook chooses which ad to give you, they are genius. For example, take a previous post regarding the targeted marketing of curly hair products. They got to me, via tag words, pictures, or a little gnome picking up the random fallen hairs of generations. Or maybe they’ve tracked the DNA of all people now living, and are targeting towards my specific genetic code. Who knows?

Another example is from the continuing current ‘big event’ of my life, the breakup.   Changing my status online from a whole heart to two jagged pieces has caused a revelation in dating sites advertising. Obviously, now that I’m single, I need an instant man. Possibly one data-matched to my genetic code on file for a nominal fee. And what better way to rebound than to throw yourself at someone online? I feel like there’s been at least one movie involving copious amounts of alcohol about why this is a bad idea. But I guess it’s socially more acceptable than drinking alone?

Anyway, the woome site has been hard-core in my face for days, possibly weeks now.  And while I do feel it is someone else’s obligation to win my heart, the name of the site itself sounds like the petulant demand of a five-year-old child.  Woo me!  Now!  No, YOU woo ME.  That’s really what I’m looking for in a significant other.  There remains a certain charm to the idea of being wooed.  Unfortunately it doesn’t realistically pair with advertising or the imperative.

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