Selling your Soul

A man in New Zealand named Walter Scott (seriously) has sold the deed to his soul for $3800 to Hell Pizza.  The company was willing to fork over the fee for the deed as part of their so-bad-it’s-good reputation.  And it is amusing.  You make a little splash of ridiculous publicity and get paid for it.  But still, there are tons of people upset by the purchase.  If you’re religious, it’s blasphemous.  Does that make it wrong?

A part of the issue depends on how you perceive religion.  Is it an oppressive force that has inhibited man throughout the ages?  Is it a moral compass?  Is it yet another code for simple human interaction?  Is it a barricade opposing lucrative moneymaking like soul-selling?  is it Is it an unbending set of rules not to be questioned?

Some people believe that the devil is out to win your soul from you – to corrupt you, to convert you for the final battle, to doom you to the end of all time.  If there is such thing as a devil, I would prefer to believe in a different sort.  I want the devil who thinks he’s the greatest thing since peanut butter cups yet continues to lose when matching wits against a canny, crusty old woman or a boy with a fiddle.  Like Walter Scott, I want to gain some profit of the things I’m not using.  Perhaps it’s pride or fear, but I’d like to bargain with the devil and come out ahead.