The experts continue to say we don’t get enough sleep.  They also say we need between 6-10 hours (depending on which ones you talk to).  They also say that regular sleep is imperative to health, and that napping can be a boost to mood and mind.  They say that people are dozing off more frequently at work and in meetings, which I can attest to personally.  Everyone laughs at my lion-roar yawns at Monday morning meetings, despite the fact ath I’ve not yet actually dozed off.

For the most part, I believe the experts.  Especially when they encourage me to take naps at work, and  encourage my boss to have a nap room.  Without one, I’m forced to take over one of the conference rooms (or his office, when he’s away) and conk out on the floor.  At best, I get facial skin wrinkle from laying on my own sleeves.  At worst, it’s rug face (or rug face burn).  How much better would it be with a couch or cot?  Or if space is an issue, what about stowable hammocks in one of the conference rooms?  We’re the dominant predator, we don’t look up – we won’t notice hooks in a conference room ceiling.

If no nap room, don’t blame me for yawning in meetings trying to keep awake.  Don’t blame me for a rumpled face or a dazed expression.  After all, who sleeps at night anyway?


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