Maybe I don’t know much about chickens…

Ok, so there’s been a chicken living (and getting in customer’s way) outside a McDonalds in California.  For the past four months.  With nobody being able to catch it or chase it away.  Evidently people have been in the drive-thru line afraid to move for fear of hitting the chicken.  I don’t see why they wouldn’t honk or even get out of cars to shoo the bird away.  I grew up in the Midwest.  It’s possible that in Temecula they are close enough to LA and urban enough to be petrified of chickens. I also don’t know if they were so worried about the animal that a net or animal control or a pest removal service were out of order.

Still, the idea that a single chicken could terrorize a food service institution for four months is a little ridiculous.  It’s like saying you’re worried about the carpenter ants who invaded your house because, well, they have a right to be here, too.  And they make great little ant farm pets.  But even I wouldn’t be surprised if it took you more than awhile to catch all of them.

Still, a chicken?  You can run faster than it (I know this from personal experience).  You have a longer reach.  You have fingers – heck, you’ve even got opposable thumbs.  True, it can fly while you can’t, but not very long or very far, and generally not beyond arm’s reach.  And while a chicken does have a beak small little claws, once you grab it by the legs it’ll go docile and not struggle.  Four months?  Really?

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