Flying, by bike.

In Massachusetts pedestrian rights are pretty strictly enforced.  When I first moved here from China (where drivers don’t care to avoid you or the 40,000 bikes swarming around you as you try to cross the street), I was shocked that people actually slowed down and rolled to a stop when I began to cross.  I was accustomed to accurately gaging the speed of traffic so that I could pass behind a car that was coming towards me in the other lane.  Mass. drivers totally threw off my timing.  Also, the bikers didn’t signal, broke countless rules of traffic, and got into everyone’s way.  The worst I saw was some idiot pushing his MOTORcycle up a narrow sidewalk going the wrong way on a one way street.  I mean, I don’t like bicycles on the sidewalks – you’re not a pedestrian, you don’t belong there – but I can understand that on some roads there really issn’t space for a bike on the street without causing major traffic problems.  But a motorcyclist who’s just too lazy to make three sides of a square?  It’s not like he can’t afford the gas.

Perhaps that’s why it didn’t surprise me to see a bicyclist flip over the hood of a car that was stopped at a traffic light.  True, the car was slowing to a stop in the pedestrian walkway, rather than at the white line where he was supposed to stop.  True, the bicyclist probably shouldn’t have been in the pedestrian walkway itself, even though his lane of traffic did have the right of way at that point.  Also true that a bike can’t swerve as fast as a car can stop.  Still, if the biker had been a little more careful and aware, he probably wouldn’t have been flung bodily across the top of the car.  Silly biker.  Flips are for kids!

But sometimes, it’s not the bikers who are at fault.  Take the recent bike race in Monterrey, Mexico.  A drunk driver fell asleep at the wheel and bashed into almost the entire race.  You can check out the picture of bikers flying everywhere here.  I would say the entire incident is hilariously funny if it hadn’t already resulted in at least one death.  Even though the race is an event that probably took all precautions, anything can happen, especially to those with less protection on the road.  Bikers, for your own safety, please obey the rules of the road and don’t take unnecessary risks.

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