How much caffeine can one body hold?

Whoa.  I wrote this on May 15 and it never got published.  I guess my fingers were too jerky to click the right buttons.  Whoops!  Regardless, you can enjoy it now:

After two 16 oz. glasses of Coke today and a big D&D iced coffee this morning, I’m feeling a little jittery. But then, it’s also Dunkin’ Donuts free iced coffee promotion day. I can basically go to a variety of different locations around the city and get virtually unlimited iced coffee. A woman in my office has already gotten three. I feel like I’m lagging behind. And while I’m not sure I agree that D&D ‘practically invented’ the drink, it is a reasonably tasty coffee-flavored coolness. So why not have more, for free?

I guess it comes down to my own personal drink tolerance. I am a fairly heavy water drinker throughout the day, so I can drink quite a bit of liquid in one sitting without harsh results. And, due to my high metabolism, I process stuff reasonably quickly. Usually this results in coffee and other such beverages making me sleepy, when consumed in quantity. The jag of stimulus is so quick, I barely feel it before my body system depresses itself in reaction. SO, before I can get too sick of the stuff, I’m asleep. Or at least moving very slowly.

Though this is hardly a typical reaction, it does express one central concern of excessive caffeine intake. There is a point of no return. Eventually there are diminishing returns and risks worse than sleep, like heart attack and jumpy liver syndrome (It’s more real than a wandering womb, I guarantee). At what point does the freeness of iced coffee drink become a potential danger? I haven’t yet decided – I’m off to experiment.


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