Why I’m not your next pop *STAR*

One of the things I like to do is try new things.  I like a wide variety, which is what led me to strange foods, new places, and whole worlds of fun.  I’ve tried the usual trendy sports – snowboarding, rock climbing, white water rafting – as well as more traditional pastimes – knitting, carpentry, gardening.  Heck, I even tried to learn to play viola, despite my fumble fingers.  And I haven’t broken anything yet.

Part of that drive is why I started my photoblog.  I can take pictures!  I can…write stuff!  It’ll be grrreat!  Unfortunately I’ve been neglecting it recently with all the other stuff I’ve been doing, and I have about 50 pictures I want to upload and wax poetic about.  Alas, it has suffered from the second part of most of my new activities – a dying off of interest.  Like so many things – the computer game I started making in China for my sisters, the still life I was doing to learn how to paint with oils, the novel/ screenplay/ autobiography/ terrifying monster of wonderfulness I was going to write with Gina – it has fallen out of my range of vision.  But I will get back to them all – someday.

My new project of ridiculousness is all Gina’s fault.  We were in the car, and she responded to my dumbness about something-or-other with “you should write a song about that”.  Bad Idea.  Now I’m off on the Gina Song Project, and I will not be deterred.  I will have lyrics, I will have music that actually sounds good, and I will have a video to include (but not limited to: a) unicorns b) dragon books (not actual dragons, just dragon BOOKS, mind you).  I’ve already thought about how to include the unicorns, and I think my book will be called Dragon Heads, because that’s not a real book that I know of and it sounds funny.  I think the video will also need to include a bathroom stall.  And with that, I’ll stop giving away all my good ideas.

So far, I’ve produced the basic structure of the song, but I need some serious work on building up the lyrics with instrumentals.  But I’m learning, along the way.  What I’ve learned so far is that contorting your body like a monkey knot to be closer to the built-in microphone does not improve your singing ability.  I’ve also found that such contortions put odd pressures on your lungs and make it much more difficult to sing in key.  Finally, I’ve learned that however much you love them, steel drums do not go with every song.  The Gina Song Project is going to have to take a step back from the islands and rethink.


1 Comment

  1. SHannon said,

    May 28, 2008 at 5:12 pm

    Dearest Sister,

    Let us PLEASE make this music video of which you speak when I come and visit in October(crossing the fingers for that one). I miss you LOTS!!!!

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