Ok, I’m not a huge James Bond fan.  I haven’t read any of the books.  Most of the movies, I haven’t watched.  I don’t have any opinion about which Bond was the best Bond, or the worst.  I enjoy ridiculous story lines and And when someone says “Sebastian Faulks is the Daniel Craig of Bond authors”, my only question is who the heck is Daniel Craig.

For some people, it’s their whole life.  Some people also sniff paint, but typically not the same people.  So that’s something, at least.  For the Bond fanatics however, the crazy little island is pulling out all the stops.  For the 100th anniversary of the original writer’s birth, they’ve got navy boats, skimpily dressed models, and lots of publicity, all part of what you’d expect from the Bond name.  Whether or not I see the next movie or read the anniversary or any other Bond novel, I still appreciate the panache.


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