Inappropriate for the office, and yet so funny.

My boyfriend sent me a someecard today.  It made me laugh out loud.  It made me laugh hard enough that some of my nearby co-workers wanted to know what the joke was.  Fortunately my boss was away at a meeting, so he was not one of the ones I shared it with. I really do think there should be SOME limits on the employee/employer relationship.

Sometimes I’m not a person who is too good with limits.  If you claim personal space, I might feel obliged to invade it.  If I’ve only just met you, I may make ridiculous, occasionally witty comments that could seem mean.  I may ask invasive questions or even be physically abrupt.  All of these things are due to action with little or no thought, which is something I’m generally good at.

Occasionally I am inappropriate at work.  true, we have a very relaxed environment, where people make jokes and laugh a lot and are genuinely concerned about each other.  But occasionally I cross the line.  Like promising someone to stab them with my cake fork if they’re not careful at an employee birthday celebration in the office.  Or telling one of my co-workers that we’d love to see her two-month-old daughter more than ‘just once’ when she brought the girl in recently – and then glaring at my boss, who has yet to bring in his one-year-old daughter more than once.

What is this lack of judgment that hinders me from realizing the consequences of my actions until afterwards?  Is it my total, brutal honesty?  Or a complete lack of sympathy for others?  And how do I make it stop?  Really, it’s like an out-of-control freight train being barricaded by toothpicks.


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