It’s one of them electric horses.

Someone remarked to me recently on the sad state of affairs of public performance, in particular, unicyclists.  And it’s true.  In my childhood, I looked on those juggling wonders as something special, but now they are simply ordinary.  It takes more – more skill, more pyrotechnics, more risk – to perk my interest.  In some ways that’s good, as it motivates performers to increasingly amazing feats.  On the other, I worry about my failing sense of wonder.  I wouldn’t want to lose it completely.

Technology often comes to the rescue, either with the ridiculous or the truly amazing.  The Uno is both.  Think: an electric machine you ride as if it were a motorized horse (leaning to direct or stop or speed up) or a motorcycle without controls (with your legs tuck back, rather than straight down in stirrups).  Think: a unicycle alignment of two wheels close together that balances itself through computerized controls. It makes me wonder what’s next.  The same technology for wheelchairs, getting our grannies back on the streets?  Desk chairs that whisk you through the office with a thought?  A new generation of Power Wheels?  The possibilities are endless and ridiculous, which is what makes them fun.


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