Off Road Rage

I don’t like people acting dumb.  I get really annoyed especially when someone else’s dumbness impinges on my freedoms or activities, or especially when it reduces my safety.  Still, I do have my limits.  I might use a horribly annoying tone of voice, or yell, or even smack someone.  But it’s rare for me to revert to more serious violence.

Especially on the road, this is not the general rule.  People hate other drivers cutting them off, or driving unsafely or too slow, or generally not knowing or communicating what they are doing.  People steal parking places from one another, park illegally, or leave their moving vans blocking the entire road.  People, as a general rule, suck.  Sometimes in these situations they resort to physical violence against each other, for real or imagined slights, as in this case of two men tasering each other.

Was this the case of a tense situation escalating?  Did the security guard have the right to inspect the area in the first place, and in particular, put the boot on a van behind a restaurant?  Even if he didn’t should the restaurant owner have attempted to get the boot off himself, rather than calling security?  Was anyone really right here, or is it just a case of selfish annoyance at the situation, and why do we feel like we shouldn’t have to ‘put up with’ such things?  I am sure both sides felt justified in their actions.  Are we so eager for others to listen to our side and understand, that we’re like perpetual teenagers, always acting out so someone else will be forced to deal with us?

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