American Gladiators! Babies! RAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!

As both Alex and my Shelly reminded me over the past few days, the second season of the New! IMPROVED! American Gladiators has begun. Monday night was the opening episode of the season, but if you missed it, there’s another airing this Friday at 8/7 central. Or, you can watch it online at the NBC website. Which I am doing now. There’s tons of New! IMPROVED! stuff going on for the second season, but I was most impressed with the fact that Laila is having a baby. (RAAAAAAAGHHHHH! Power+Strength = Intense Baby Labor! and PAIN!)

That brings me to another point – what’s with fake advertising/spoofs and babies? Take the ‘I feel great ‘ Nutrigrain commercial:

Or the Powerthirst ad:

What makes babies funny? Is it the number of babies? Babies everywhere? 400 babies? Would AG be funnier if they could add more babies? Or is it just the ridiculousness of too many babies that gets our funny going, a ridiculousness that goes along with every aspect of American Gladiators?

AG has learned from last season’s mistakes. This time around, it’s not only about preening, machismo, and trash talk. It’s about serious stuff, serious issues that people face every day. It’s also about overcoming obstacles. No, I don’t mean the ones in the Eliminator. I mean a single mom who put herself through school (she’s allowing herself to be bludgeoned and ‘tested’ for her daughter), a man with one leg (he has a bendy metal thing instead, kinda like a hook-leg instead of a peg one) and a deaf man (Don’t worry, he’s not mute – he can still give a loud, man-beast yell). Yep, we’ve really got the cream of the crop this season. Maybe next season, they’ll make all the contestants live and train together in some tiny apartment and see what happens. The Eliminator would be replaced – instead, there’ll be one in-apartment event called ‘The Bathroom’.

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  1. Shannon said,

    May 15, 2008 at 3:56 pm

    Funny how I can hear you in my head saying this as I read it. And also I pick up on a little Strong Bad in this one. I dunno, maybe it’s my daydreams

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