Mayan long-count and 13 crystal skulls.

The soon-to-be-released Indiana Jones movie has got quite a few people up in a huff about crystal skulls. You know, because real-life Mayans worshiped faceted, stylized skulls today. While there has never been any evidence that ancient Mayans worshiped the skulls at the height of their civilization from about 200 to about 900 AD, a few of the existing skulls can be dated to very close to the time of Spanish contact. It remains unclear whether or not the current Mayan skull-worship is a result of that contact or predated it.

So, what are the facts we do have? The Mayans had a complex calendar system involving days, months, and two types of years. They made funerary and ritual masks in a variety of shapes and substances, quite a few in jade and other stones that looked something like skulls.  Astonishing, no?

So what’s with the hocus-pocus and theories?  The Mayan calendar is winding down.  The longer cycle of years, or ‘Long Count’, which lasts about 5,000 years, is almost over.  According to what we know of Mayan legend (i.e., what we can glean both from current tradition and the incomplete Mayan glyph translation of monuments and codices that we have), at the end of the Long Count, something happens to change everything.  Some people interpret this as a cataclysmic event, or the end of the world.  Others say that at this time, something needs to happen to save the world – perhaps the reunification of thirteen ‘original’ crystal skulls, most of which have been lost.  For the Maya, no doubt it had extreme significnace beyond the turning of the year, even beyond what the turn of the century would have for us.  My personal belief is that we’re all looking for answers, and any idea that still has meaning with modern dates (since Nostradamus was wrong) is going to have a variety of followers.

Me, I’m content to wait.  After all, a day like today is bound to cycle around again.  Eventually.


  1. patrick said,

    May 22, 2008 at 5:51 pm

    this is a little different as Jones tends to go after Hebrew artifacts

  2. cristi said,

    June 2, 2008 at 2:21 am

    i agree, i’m doing a presentation for my English class, and I know that we are ALL looking for our own answers and the world’s answers to why we are here, and why we were meant to be here.

  3. Tianca said,

    July 14, 2008 at 9:28 pm

    I can tell you about the 13 ancient crystal skulls. 12,600 years ago, Atlantis sank into the ocean (yes, the Atlantic!), and that caused a pole shift. The ancient crystal skulls were taken up to the starships for their protection, along with their human guardians. Before this time, they were primarily used for Healing, looking into the past, or the future. That is how the Atlanteans knew that their land would be destroyed.

    13 ancient skulls still exist today. They have been removed from the planet, as of last year, and are currently stabalizing the planet, preventing the planet from shifting her poles again. The famous year, 2012, was actually last year, the Gregorian calendar is wrong.

    In their place, duplicate skulls were put on the planet so their owners would not get upset. The Pleiadians can duplicate each skull, and give the new one the same knowledge as the original. This has been accomplished so well that the owners are completely unaware that the switch has been made.

    I’m the guardian of TANIS, the Mayan crystal skull, and I have seen him on the starship. He is safe and doing his job. I was High Priestess Healer in the Temple of Life, in Poseidia, the capital city of Atlantis, before the last sinking. So I saw the last pole shift. They do happen.

    We are on ‘borrowed time’ now, the pole shift for this time is ready to begin. It will happen before the end of this year. You can expect this to happen. Evacuation will happen before the shift.


  4. Alcyon the 1st said,

    October 21, 2008 at 7:56 pm

    I’m the King of Atlantis, and i have never seen Tianca down there.

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