A step above the Hamburgler.

If you are like me, you are a kid at heart – you love slightly cheesy plastic toys and food and getting messy and fantasy characters that say “Robble, robble”. But what if there comes a day when such flimsy joys are not enough? What happens when the “booberry” ghost joke is no longer funny? What happens when your childlike fun and wishes and desire seem childish, instead?

For myself, I turn to the comfort of adult words. There are still small joys that can be described, and therefore masked, as ‘adult’. Today I had actual work to do at my actual job. I ate at my desk. But despite that lack of time, it was a wonderful lunch for me. Corina ordered my food online through Foodler and had it delivered to our office without charging a delivery fee or other service costs. The speedy delivery meant more productivity for me (read: I’m too lazy to even order my own food) and the low price meant I can spend some a little later on something else (read: ice cream or a cheap plastic toy). And why not support an online service with a cute advertising campaign (read: They will send you stickers! FREE!!!) It’s perfect! Plus, by ordering online, I don’t have to talk on the phone. Ahh, heaven.

So while I will retain my love for the fantasy world of Ronald McDonald, now I have a more adult source of at least some foodstuffs. Go me.


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