I feel the need to comment.

WordPress is constantly about the innovation-ness.  Every few weeks, there’s some new posting about what fun, cool new stuff they’re doing with our blogosphere.  This time, the new feature is called ‘possibly related posts’.  Possibly related, you say?  I wonder if that should be in small print, like a disclaimer.

The core of this new feature is a new way to link content.  I’m not sure how the content of a post is analyzed (possibly through keywords, tags, or other markers?), but it is in some way analyzed and compared with other pages, first of your blog and then throughout WordPress.  At the end of each post, there are now three or four additional links to blog posts that have something to do with the topic of your post.  This can be a way for new readers to discover your blog, or for you to share content on your own blog more effectively, especially if you write about the same sorts of topics frequently.  I’m all for that.

Unfortunately, the “possibly” related content is sometimes just that – only slightly or very minorly related.  Especially if you ramble in your postings – which I do – the end results may not be quite what you’ve hoped for.  Take my recent post titled “The Art of Craft“.  It deals with the way people in a variety of industries don’t get to express their true skills and abilities and even artistic talent due to various restrictions and limitations on said profession.  This was, for some reason, linked to another post of my own, “It’s a Ballooooon.”  What is the connection between the two?  Both mention teachers – the first, as a profession, and the second, my world history teacher specifically.  Other than that, I can’t find any really connection between them.  Anybody else want to give it a go?  I’m sure there’s something more there…I’m sure of it.

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