Arson in the Sierra Madres?

I briefly mentioned the wildfire blaze going on in California this morning, of note for trapping a wedding party.  Yes, the peacefully slumbering couple were awakened to calls for evacuation – they eventually had to be helicoptered out of their mountain celebration area, along with around 48 guests.  But then again, maybe they were only faking.  maybe the bride is a secret pyro, and she set the thing herself.  Authorities say the blaze was manmade.  That includes the possibility of arson.  While pure carelessness could also be to blame, and I do subscribe to the people are dumb theorem, I prefer to see a maniacal cackling bride on the mountainside, lighting things up.  Ahh.  Drink in the warmth with me!

While it’s also possible that some natural cause (lighting, spontaneous combustion, human or otherwise) will eventually be found to have started the fire, details of the article lay ultimate blame firmly at our feet.  Recently the area has been known for a lack of fires, probably due to human containment and a reduction of natural causes.  Brush and other dead plant materials have built up.  In a dry region like this one, the natural process for eliminating that buildup is fire, rather than the speedy decomposition of more humid areas.  While even a preventative-measure burnoff can be dangerous, wouldn’t it be safer to do some kind of brush clearing or other control in the area?  I know it’s remote, and that the mountains are a big place.  Still, it seems like something should be done to keep our meddling from ultimately causing damage.  But maybe that’s just me.  Conservation, ho!


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