Salty bananas

I was unaware, but evidently there have always been old wives’ tales about what foods you eat during conception and what sex your infant will become.  Recent scientific studies have shown that there may, in fact be a correlation.  If you eat foods high in potassium (such as bananas) or sodium, it probably increases your chances of having a boy, the study says and old wives agree.  So I guess all the young newlyweds in China are going to start eating salty bananas before bed.  Or just eating more – the study also showed those with a higher calorie intake had a higher chance of birthing boys.

For the moment, I have my doubts.  While the results are not conclusive as to the percent increased chance of having boys or girls, the study itself makes me wonder.  Of course diet has a significant effect.  Sunlight, mood, chemical balances, and organ function probably all have an effect.  I have not reviewed the data or methods myself, and the calorie intake portion of results seems verifiable.  Other sections don’t necessarily give me the same assurance.  When surveying different nutrient intakes, what determines your results?  It is unclear to me whether a specific substance, like salt, could truly be found to disposition the female body to favor one type of sperm, due to the complications of other factors of diet.  I suppose more research will be done, and maybe then we’ll know something.  Maybe.


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