While an Aquaball might sound like what Sebastian starts in “Under the Sea”, the reality is slightly less impressive.  It’s a laundry product.  Yay!  I love laundry!  It’s almost as fun as getting hit with two koosh balls at the same time!  Still, it does have redeeming factors.  It has a spiky, neon appearance, which is fun.  And I guess modern or ‘retro’.  It’s supposedly less harmful than other laundry detergents that use more abrasives and chemicals.  Still, I’m not entirely convinced I want to go out and buy one.  Or two.

Several of my issues come from not knowing about the product.  Does it really get your whites whiter?  What are the ionic compounds being released into my wash, and how do they work, exactly?  How does the whole process imbue my clothes with a lemon-fresh scent?  How much, exactly, is 14.95 British pounds, and how much will it cost to get shipped here?  Finally, I was able to find few reviews at all, and only one user review here.

But there are advantages too.  If you have severe laundry chemical allergies, as my neighbor does, this ball thing is probably even better than the dye-free products we currently use.  Also, I’m not polluting by keeping my clothes clean.  I couldn’t figure out the cost issue, but I’m guessing it’s going to work out to pretty much the same as what I already use.  So the change would have to be for other reasons but still.  I am intrigued.  Maybe when we get low on our current round, I’ll see if anyone is making this stuff in the US of A.

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