“The Hope”

Every once and awhile, a news article comes along that brings smile to your day.  It might be something ridiculous, like an alligator in the kitchen.  It might be something simple, like hearing about a nearby town with really great tap water.  Or it might even be something with lasting meaning, a sign of other people doing some good in the world.  Such is the case with this BBC article on low-income housing for Palestinians.

With recent economic woes and the subprime mortgage crisis, everyone has been thinking about how housing and ownership might affect the larger economy.  Along with topics like the environment and hunger, housing is one of the great social concerns of the day.

Even in the past, it was a topic of great concern.  Our founding fathers dithered about the inclusion of the right to property in the Declaration of Independence.  They knew that at some point, there would not be enough land for everyone.  Though countless immigrants enriched the country in search of that happiness through individual land ownership and the space to be their own masters, many of them did not achieve it.  It was not until the 50s and the G.I. Bill that owning a home became such a hallmark of the American way, but now it is a growing international standard.  It seems, therefore, even more poetic that a region embroiled in civil strife and warfare and terribly overcrowded would embark on a low-income housing project named ‘the hope’.

We hope that there will be enough food for all children everywhere.  We hope that there will be a good home for everyone, and climate appropriate clothing for those in need.  We hope that our world in all its splendor will survive to support and nourish our children’s children.  At the end of the day, it is enough to see the active pursuit of that hope.


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