It’s a rule – you have to finish the story.

Now that the weather has been nice for a FULL WEEK (woohoo!), I think I can say spring is here. Of course, that doesn’t mean there won’t be a final freakishly late blizzard sometime in the next four months, but things seem to generally be on the up-and-up. The tree outside our office building, which I can occasionally catch a glimpse of from my lowly half-cube, has flowered in a riot of vivid yellow. It’s that pukishly bright kind of yellow that makes you laugh at vehicles in the color and run from insects that shade. I’d like to say that its the same color as a Gila monster trying desperately to blend into blazing desert sands, but it’s really not. The Gila monster is a darker shade of yellow. Still, it turns my thoughts to other springtime things – magnolia trees turning pink, daffodils overpowering the nose, bugs beginning to swarm, and The Producers. Yes, it’s at this time of year that I begin singing that song to myself again, “Springtime for Hitler and Germany…”

And why can’t there be a springtime for Hitler? With all the world’s political strife, poverty, and general unhappiness, don’t we deserve a little fun, a little ridiculousness? SIn’t it the perfect time, the perfect market, for laughing at the seriousness of our past, and making low humor? Haha – Hitler was gay. Hah – Nazis dancing. What could be funnier? Didn’t the frame story of The Producers also promise us, the wider audience, a complete Springtime For Hitler ? Why have we had to make due with the jaunty little snippets that are so amusing and pleasing to the eye? Is such a play within a play copyrighted under the general script of the frame story, or could I legally go out and produce my own Springtime?

Personally, I side with Scheherazade on the issue. If you’re deploying a narrative hook in a story, (especially if that hook is saving you from being beheaded for at least another night) you’d better come through and satisfy the listener you’ve successfully baited. If the fisherman’s troubles with his wife never get resolved, how will I trust you to get the story out of the forty thieves’ cave? I’m perfectly willing to sit through endless twists and turns of plot, as long as I know the original story will be returned to. And along the way, I want each inner story to have some resolution. So, beatnik Hitler impersonators everywhere, get your dancing shoes on – it’s time to give this world the completion of the real thing.


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  1. Shannon said,

    April 23, 2008 at 7:12 am

    Call Mel Brooks about that one

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