Patriot’s Day

There are few holidays in the US that are celebrated only at a state level.  Of course there are always local and municipal celebrations, but rarely do businesses close for them, especially in larger cities.  The only semi-local holiday I know of is the Massachusetts-wide celebration of Patriot’s Day, which corresponds to the Boston marathon.  It is for this holiday that I am typing at home today.

Other than allowing those thin little champions of the marathon a day to run, what is this holiday for?  Are there more patriots in Mass than other places?  Does the history of the area, in particular in relationship to its history during the Revolutionary War, give it the special status of an additional holiday that other less historical regions do not deserve?

According to Wikipedia, the holiday is a celebration of the start of the Revolutionary War in the battles of Lexington and Concord.  It is also celebrated in Maine, because Maine was once part of Massachusetts.  I suppose that’s a valid celebration of history, even though the actual battles took place considerably further south.  However, no explanation is given for the fact that public schools in Wisconsin also take this day as a holiday.  Perhaps it’s another name for teacher’s in-service there, or the public school students are just unusually cheesy.  Yum.

Anyway, regardless of the reason, I plan on holding this holiday of mine in style and cheer.


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