Avoiding macular degeneration.

I am a big fan of science.  Not only has it spawned such wonders of fiction as Frankenstein and The Absent-Minded Professor, but it’s also actually made our life better.  Sometimes.

Take the growing body of research on antioxidants, for example.  Not only are they classifying new types of these chemicals every day, the discoveries regarding how antioxidants work are redefining how we understand our own health.  Still, much of this research is not really accessible to the common man.  In the article linked to above, the section titled ‘antioxidants 101’ closes with a reference to macular degeneration, which pretty much stopped me cold.  It’s when part of yoru retina breaks down and you lose most of your vision, in case you were wondering.  So, as educated readers, we don’t understand what ‘oxidation’ means, but we’re all familiar with macular degeneration?  Just what body of semi-scientists or health professionals is this article written for?

At the end at least there are some helpful hints about which foods carry which antioxidants.  I’ll just have to keep my mouth ready for lycopene in red-fleshed fruits like…watermelon or for Isoflavones/Phytoestrogens in those frequently-used cooking substances like flax seed.

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