I’m not ready to ‘take out the threat’

While I don’t generally consider myself a pacifist, I am not a big fan of guns, either.  I don’t see myself going hunting, as I don’t really want to kill things.  And while I may insult people verbally and even threaten physical injury, for the most part these threats are only talk.  I supposedly know some basic things about loading and firing a sidearm due to Mike, but again my actual experience is virtually nonexistent.  I don’t want to hurt something or someone, and due to my poor hand-eye coordination and general klutz, I feel like a gun in my hands is like a monkey with a grenade.  Sure, nothing might happen, but he might pull that pin and lob it, too.

At its core, my reluctance to deal with guns stems from two things – a fear of myself, and a fear of the weapon being used against me.  The first is more nebulous and hard to qualify.  Do i get angry too easily?  Do I do things I later regret?  Wouldn’t a gun only render more harmful these aspects of my self?  The second is easier, but perhaps realistic for others who might carry guns.  I am a physically weak woman.  In a confrontation with another, a gun might make me initially stronger than the opposing force, but eventually, the gun will probably be taken from me.  What then?  Of course, this is true with any weapon – knife, brass knuckles, swords.  But somehow a gun seems the most threatening.

Questions like the right to carry arms into colleges and universities bother me.  While past events have shown that students can be killed by the few bad seeds amongst them, I don’t think more guns are the solution.  In fact, I think the Second Amendment is no longer valid, or at least not necessarily applicable.  The defense of our nation now lies with the various armed forces, rather than in the hands of basically untrained militiamen.  What need would we possibly have for the common man to go armed?

In fact, I would say that both modern media and culture don’t allow for a rational consideration of what legitimizing guns on campus might mean.  it is unfortunate that Michael Flitcraft doesn’t seem to realize that the ‘someone’ coming into his classroom to kill him and his classmates is most likely someone he knows, and possibly someone he likes or is friends with.  it is unfortunate both for him and for others on both sides of the issue that ‘taking out the threat’ probably means killing someone who needed friendship, understanding, and probably psychiatric help.

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  1. Shannon said,

    April 15, 2008 at 3:30 pm

    Did I ever tell you I got to shoot guns this summer? It was so scary, and I just felt like I was going to accidentally shoot one of Jaimie’s cows or someone! Yikes

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