An Urban Swiss Family Robinson

If you’re like me, you probably loved the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.  You probably thought it was the coolest part of the old movie, and even cooler in the newer TV series.  You probably were terribly disappointed in Disney’s actual live model at Disney World.  You probably wished you’d get stranded on a desert island and attacked by pirates and tried to convince your landlocked family to travel more by boat.  You probably didn’t ask to be homeless in hopes of having to live in a  treehouse, though.

David “Squirrelman” Csaky was not so lucky.  He’s been living in a treehouse for the past two years in Seattle, complete with wood stove and retractable ladders to the ground.  Evidently he’s also been a good neighbor to those around and below him in the area, as a few of them worked together to get him an RV when eviction was threatened due to the dangerous nature of his habitation.  When he found out about everybody trying to help him out and get him someplace to live, he cried.  Just think about it – living your life like a hobo, barricading yourself above the ground every night on a platform because you had a little money, but not enough for anything else.  Getting up every day to go to work and leaving this oh-so-exposed home life and just hoping it will be there still when you get back.

Evidently Squirrelman got his nickname from his ability to tame squirrels.  Personally, it’s an ability I’ve always thought I should have.  Catching bunnies and squirrels from our backyard was my only ambition when I was a kid.  I spent HOURS rigging up various traps – boxes propped up with a stick and baited with a carrot or nut, my little red sand pail tied to a string so I could scoop them up as they ran along.  Somehow, it never seemed to work though.  And my parents eventually stopped me short of digging a pit trap or sticking my hand into a squirrel or rabbit hole.  How could this man, a simple carpenter, have beaten me at my own game?  Of course, he’s an adult and I was just a kid.  He’s probably smarter and more patient.  I may be creative in my traps, but squirrels and rabbits aren’t known for their love of or attraction to creativity.  And then, he also lives with a squirrel, a ferret, and a rat that are all his pets.  So he probably smelled more animally.

And then I think, JESUS was a carpenter.  I wonder if He tamed squirrels, or smelled like animals?  What with people washing his feet and anointing him and stuff, probably only as much as any of his contemporaries.

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