Boy hits concrete pillar-saves lives.

I recently read this story about a bus driver in Ohio who broke a bunch of rules and probably had his bacon saved by an 11 year old kid.  Bus driver man, who holds a commercial license but was not registered with the state as required for school bus drivers, was off the bus buying gas when it started to roll.  He’s not supposed to get off any time during a route while there’s still kids inside, but maybe they forgot to tell him when he registered to be a bus driver.  Oh wait.

My favorite part of the story is about the little 11-year old boy who saved everyone.  He tried to pull the emergency brake once the bus started rolling, but evidently that didn’t work.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t even know where the emergency brake on a school bus is.  Good thing I’m not 11.  And hopefully school bus man knew enough to put the brake on before getting off the bus, but who knows.  Anyway, finally the kiddo just took the wheel and steered the bus into a giant pillar.  Plonk.  While expedient, it amused me no end.  Steering into giant pillars is why we don’t let 11-year olds drive.

Finally, there was the ending paragraph of this little article.  I will quote it here in its entirety for your amusement:

Officials at the school declined to comment. The bus is operated by Aqua Limousine Ground Transportation, he said. A message seeing comment was left with the company.

Ok, I know the standards of the Associated Press have been falling, and that we’re all under a deadline here, but really?   ‘He said’?  WHO said?  Was it that giant conglomeration of officials that refused to comment that somehow got turning into a singular pronoun?  Or were you trying to refer to the bus driver who isn’t mentioned in this paragraph at all?  And I would like to find any message that has the ability to see.  Are we using carrier pigeons?  Are they themselves the message, rather than simply message bearers?


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