The Magic mini

I am not, by nature, a highly material person.  I do find a certain attraction at certain times to objects however, either for their beauty or coolness.  Take the new Teva hiking/wading shoes I bought.  shoe.jpgThey have drains through the material of the sides, which allows water to go out but keeps out grit.  They have super sticky soles for added traction.  They have vents to let air out and in.  They have a super-braced frame to withstand outside impacts and adjust as you walk.  They are super-fitted to your feet and held in place both with elastic and regular laces.  They are a beautiful bright red so hunters don’t shoot at your feet and maim you as you go running through the woods.  They are AWESOME and when the weather turns nice enough for me to wear them, they will be even more so.   This is a rare purchase of something both cool AND beautiful.

So, despite my lack of enthusiasm for most things material, I felt the need to pass along to you a special *deal* going on right now.  It’s for a 2G super-mini portable USB storage thingjiggy.   Mike brought it to my attention and we have now purchased two.

The coolness of this little gismo comes  from its usability (how big are YOUR files?) and smallness.  dangly.jpgIn fact, about the only possibly bad thing about it is that you might lose it because it’s so tiny – about the size of a cell phone dangly.  I would recommend putting it, therefore, either on your phone or keychain.  Then you always have it with you for transferring files or ‘borrowing’ other people’s media.   And since it’s small, you don’t need to lug the big purse to carry it with you everywhere.

So, buy yourself one here.  Go ahead.  Do it NOW, while supplies last.  Seriously.  You won’t regret it.

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  1. Stephanie said,

    December 19, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    Now that’s a useful blog entry! I’m going to buy these Teva’s RIGHT NOW, they sound like just what I need. Thanks 🙂

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