Angry Rain God

Today I woke up feeling ornery.  Maybe it was because my bed was warm and my room was cold.  Maybe it was because I’d been cheated out of a really deep sleep and a nice dream about cranberry fluff.  Maybe it was because in the conscious world, I don’t even know what cranberry fluff is.  But I woke up angry, cold, and not looking forward to another day at work.  Plus, I couldn’t lounge in bed as I had my one semi-important meeting of the week at 8:45.

I got in to work on time and managed to avoid the rain, even though the bleak day was depressing.   Further depression resulted when I learned we were not  having our meeting, and I could’ve slept in and had a leisurely Dunkin Donuts breakfast.  I felt draggy, annoyed, and downright cantankerous.  I was ready to do a little rain dance and completely bring down the sky.  I would make everyone feel like I did.

But then the people I work with lifted my spirits again.  We eventually did have our meeting, if an hour late.  There was talk of 60 degree weather tomorrow and bright sunshine.  I don’t think my thermometer has crawled above 45 in weeks, so that was big-time news.  People are laughing, smiling, and dreaming away the hours until capris and sandals can be slipped into again.  Sunglasses are being shopped for online.   Girls are picking out toenail colors in their minds, as am I.  Nail polish was the one girlish pastime I took a part in as a child.  The world is happy again.  And I’m in it – not as an ornery grandmother with her cane, but at my biological, sometimes joyful age.


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