Alas, Clinton.

I am one of those people who is likely to put her foot in her mouth.  As such a person, I am sympathetic to others who might to the same on national television (read: Clinton’s latest snafu with sniper fire).  I am stubborn, and memory is a fickle thing.  If I think I emptied the dishwasher last, you can bet I’m going to be loud and ornery abut making you do it next.  Even if I’m proven wrong, I’m likely to backpedal only slightly.  I’m am trying to adjust this in my own personality, to be more apologetic when I’m wrong, but I’m naturally argumentative, and it’s hard.

Whether or not Clinton’s comments at George Washington University and other places were politically driven and intentionally manipulative of events in Bosnia,  this serves to highlight one aspect of the current political process that I remain unenthusiastic about.  Political (and almost all public or famous figures) are under constant scrutiny.  In such an environment, how much room do we leave for plausible error, and how much should be repudiated as public manipulation?

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