Spring morning.

Few people who know me would say I love this time of year. It’s cold, and I hate the cold. It’s windy, and I don’t really like the wind. And while I don’t mind the rain, spring rains are simply dampness with cold and generally miserable. Most of all, though the sun is coming back, there’s not nearly enough of it yet. Every day I still wear my giant winter coat. But this morning was perfect. The air was frigid, yes, but at least the sun was finally bright enough to seem welcoming. It gave the air more than a crispness – the morning seemed more honest, more real. And to complete that moment of walking to the bus through the perfect morning, I had the perfect song.

I am not usually a person to comment on music.  I don’t like talking about it, and though I enjoy it, I especially detest any discussion of favorites related to music.  It’s a blind insecurity I haven’t yet completely dealt with in myself.  But occasionally a song or album will have such an impact tha I feel the need to talk about it.  Portastatic’s Be Still, Please is that album.  I bought the thing because one song, Sweetness and Light, so perfectly captured my mood at the moment I was listening to it on the radio that I had to have the whole album.  I rarely listen to the radio, but on this one morning, I heard the perfect song for the day.

Of course, I ended up not liking most of the other songs on the album.  I ended up not listening to it much, and put the whole album on my iPod just recently to make myself listen to it more.  And then today, with the same album but a different song, it happens again.  The mood just strikes me perfectly, and I am ready to sink into the day.

I don’t have a handy copy of the song with me, so I’m putting the Youtube video below.  I encourage you to just close your eyes and listen to it – don’t let the video detract.

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