A Tribute to the Crazy Magician

While looking at the top of my Land-O-Lakes creamer in the break room, I was struck by the contrast of men and women in advertising, especially in the previous century.  Thinking of the various costumes svelte women have modeled to sell goods (Native American, mermaid, goddess, nymph, angel, etc.), I was struck even more forcefully by the opposing male trend – that magical or nefarious male with the devilish eyebrows.  True, such a persona may make sense for the selling of hot sauce or spices, and maybe even alcohol, but food or household products like pain killers and ovens?  And magicians selling themselves?  Really.  That’s uncalled for.

Let’s take a look.  First the women.


I don’t know what this lady is supposed to be or what she’s selling, but it certainly catches the eye.   Especially with that classic bodice.


The house maid.  Always a classy dame.


Again, I don’t know what she’s supposed to be, but she catches the eye.  That’s the bicycle I I’ve always wanted.  Really.

Now the men:


Again – oven I’ve always wanted.  That’s a HOT oven.


Yum.  This guy’s scary clown-face and potential nefarious appearance make me really want to eat that totally ordinary-looking spaghetti.   I guess this was before they learned how to artisically make food look appatizing.


Not sure what this guy is selling, but it definitely cures rheumatism.  It does so by setting your entire body on fire, but who cares?  The rheumatism isn’t bothering you anymore.


And if I’m going in for vice, why not invite a scary green thing into my life?

And finally, the crazy magicians.


This first guy looks pretty normal, so I won’t harp on him too much.   I mean he does have lightning fingers, so that’s pretty cool.  And oddly attractive…


I really don’t know what’s going on with this guy.  Is the skull with the weird stuff coming out of its eyes supposed to be appealing, or somehow more ‘magical’?  So you talk to dead people, and the fairies.  Big deal.   I could do that too, if I didn’t have a real job.


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