Deja vu all over again.

So it seems that the whole market slump/credit crisis/investing fruforall we’re having is only getting worse.  It’s getting so that I’m wondering seriously about the money in my 401 (k).  I mean, everything across the board almost is losing money – how am I supposed to protect an investment I can’t really touch?  Are bonds or anything at all doing well? I mean, I was seriously surprised that Bear Stearns collapsed in on itself and is no longer worth the value of the building where it’s located.  I mean, how often does a major company go from a multi-billion dollar value to just over 300 million dollars over the weekend?  I may not know alot about the whole investment thing, but I don’t think that can happen very often.  I mean, isn’t that basically the kind of thing that caused the Great Depression?

And where’s our New Deal?  The bottom keeps dropping out, and even though the government fuses money back in, nothing seems to be getting better.  It doesn’t give me a surfeit of trust in the government’s financial strategy.  The whole thing reminds me of  Fight Club (the movie – I never read the book) and the idea that the world would somehow devolve with the destruction of credit records.  I mean, look at us.  Here we are, all worried about this market fluctuation, and yet.  And yet we go about our daily lives and it doesn’t really impact us.  And yet we keep eating and don’t think much about where the next meal is coming from.  And yet most of us seem to still be able to buy the things we need.

Why is that?  It may be true that those who are trying to get a mortgage may find it harder.  It also may be true that we expect to save money in order to have a leisurely retirement.   But these are not things we need, per se.  These are not things that really affect us on a daily basis.  We can ignore them, at least for awhile.  And although to do so on a regular basis would be considered ill-thought in the modern adult world, I wonder if we let them be if our lives would become more filled with something better.

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