Cold, hard cash.

So, evidently our economy is in the toilet.  Evidently we’re in for big money-crunching time.  Evidently you’d better use up those gift cards you have before they become so much non-recyclable plastic.  That’s right, bankruptcy of major companies means that they don’t have to honor the gift cards you already spent money on.  hooray!
For the moment, I refuse to be negative.  I still have a good job that allows me to pay my bills and buy things, if I so choose.  I  am even saving up some money, if slowly.  And in this newfound positive frame of mind, I have a few  suggestions for those of you already cowering in your bomb shelters:

3.  Investments in oil, gas, and other forms of energy are skyrocketing as a result of hedging, market speculation, and the economy’s up-and-down plunging.  Save your monies – invest in cash, or if you don’t trust the government, gold and jewels are always good.

2.  If you can’t form your own seed bank for the production of future crops, you may want to get in big with some of the largest US Foundations, since they’ll soon be controlling the world, or at least our foodstuffs.  Oh, and be sure to stop getting vaccines.

1. Stock up on nonperishable items for the months/years to come.  Especially tomato sauce.  The goblins don’t like it.

As for me, I’m going to go squander my hard-earned monies by playing the lottery.


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