Books on Tape.

I regularly attend a book club for women in my neighborhood.  By ‘regularly attend’, I mean we meet once a month.  By ‘book club for women’ I mean excuse for all of us to get together, gossip with quasi-familiar females, perhaps discuss a book we probably didn’t finish for about 20 minutes of our extended evening, and eat a LOT.  It’s great.  Not only do I get an opportunity to eat others homemade baked goods, I have the chance to complain about whatever’s been getting my goat for the past month with an entirely new group of people.

The past few months, for various reasons, I hadn’t gone to book club.  I hosted in October, we didn’t have one in December, and the the one this week was really pushed back from  February.  I don’t relaly know what happened in November/January, but I was excited to go to this book club.  So excited, that when the library didn’t have a copy of the book we were reading, I checked out the books on tape version.  So excited, that I checked my local bookstore so I could even purchase the thing.  So excited, that when I couldn’t find a copy for sale or lease and couldn’t find my old Walkman either, I bought a new one so I could listen to the audio book on the train.

Yes it’s true.  I am the proud owner of a brand new dictation cassette player from the MIT COOP Campus Bookstore, purchased for waaaay too much money.   I mean, shouldn’t these little Walkman things be free by now?  Shouldn’t we be giving them away like key chains?  Ok, so I probably wouldn’t have accepted a free Walkman as I have no use for it, but still.  People have needs, and mine, for a moment, was a Walkman (how did they even come up with that name, Walkman?  Why not Runman?  Or MusicMover?  Why am I not a professional brander?).

But, the entire fiasco brought back days of my youth.  Days spent with my loving sister, Shelly (who will probably never read this, the bum.  She never randomly calls me, either), on the way to high school.  Days of driving too fast, not crashing the car, only slightly injuring my own empty boots by running them over.   Days of listening to the voice of Roslyn Alexander reading The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley.  Days of yore.

I miss days like that.  Now that book club was over, I don’t think I’ll finish my current book on tape though.  I might, however, pull McKinley down off the shelf.

1 Comment

  1. Shelly said,

    March 6, 2008 at 5:09 pm

    Now I’m really not going to call you, but I do love the hero and the crown.

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